Watermelons: seeded vs seedless

by Lori and Michelle on July 15, 2009

Well after a rough day dealing with sad family news, we did want to share our day with you.  Just remember to enjoy each day and say I love you to your family and friends.

So we mentioned earlier that we wanted to talk about watermelons. Well we got one the other day and wanted to share some fun info about them.

What type of watermelon do you prefer, seeded or seedless?

In the stores and at the farmers markets you might see both kinds of watermelons. Every wonder the difference, well seedless watermelons are a hybrid of seeded watermelons. We prefer the seeded watermelons because they are more natural. Seeds are what make fruits, why do we want them without them?

Watermelons are mostly water. They do contain about 6% sugar and like some other fruits it is a good source of Vitamin C and iron.  So enjoy watermelon while it is fresh!!

Did you know the rind is edible? Places like China use it in their cooking. Who knew?

Well we started our day with a red smoothie that was iron filled.

Red Iron Smoothie

Red Iron Smoothie

Michelle enjoying her smoothie

Michelle enjoying her smoothie

A great smoothie for ladies during their menstruation or anyone that has low energy. We got this drink from one of our favorite books, Eating for Energy by Yuri Elkaim. It was very tasty!! The smoothie is made with strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, parsley, and lemon. So if you feel like you  are low in iron do give this smoothie a try. It sure kept us going all morning baking in the kitchen.

We had some bakery orders today, but when all done we had lunch. We wanted something that would give us energy for our cardio day at the gym. We had some sprouted quinoa that we plan to make a raw pizza crust with later in the week, so  thought we would make some raw quinoa pilaf.  We sprouted the quinoa because we always eat buckwheat, so we are trying to incorporate quinoa. Got to get variety in the diet, right? Yes!

Quinoa is typically called a grain but it is actually a seed and is similar to spinach and swiss chard.  It contains about 20-30% protein, so if you have family or friends that are worried you are not getting enough protein being vegan just eat more quinoa. It is also very delicious cooked, if you prefer.

Sprouted & dried quinoa

Sprouted & dried quinoa

So we took about 3/4 cup sprouted quinoa and dehydrated it till a bit crispy.

Salad toppers

Salad toppers

Then placed into a bowl and stirred in chopped scallions, lemon grass, julienne cucumber, fresh lime zest.

Juilienne Cucumber

Julienne Cucumber

Yacon Sauce

Yacon Sauce

The sauce we poured over the quinoa was fresh lime juice, nutritional yeast, turmeric, paprika, sea salt, yacon syrup.

Raw Quinoa salad topped with Natural Zing's Black Sesame Seeds

Raw Quinoa salad topped with Natural Zing's Black Sesame Seeds

Then placed the quinoa over mixed greens and poured over our dressing and topped with more lime zest and black sesame seeds. It was simple yet had lots of flavor. Lime and lemongrass are 2 of our favorite flavors, so together it was pretty good. Next time we might tweak the recipe a bit.

We did some work around the place…organizing, cleaning…then time for cardio at the gym. Today our workout was walking up hill.


5 mins – 4.0 at 5% incline

5 mins – 4.0 at 8% incline


10 mins – 4.0 at 10% incline

10 mins – 4.0 at 11% incline

10 mins – 4.0 at 12% incline

10 mins- – 4.0 at 13% incline

10 mins – 4.9 at 15% incline

Cool Down

5 min – slow walking till heart rate decreases

We got back home and still had energy so we did some jump training (we used to do these exercises for volleyball, great for the legs), ab work, handstands, and push-ups. By now we were starving, so we made a yummy post workout shake.

Post Vega workout shake

Post Vega workout shake

Had some more cleaning and organizing to do then packaged up some gluten free vegan and raw goodies for the grandparents. It was surprise!! Cannot wait to hear from the tomorrow.

Don’t you just love surprises?? We do!!

After dropping off package at Fed-ex, we came back in got right back into the kitchen. Made 2 rounds of raw cheez crackers and 2 rounds of raw herb crackers. Two very popular items at the farmers market.  All trays are full in the dehydrator. Place smells amazing! Very hard to resist eating them.

We ended our day with a green peach smoothie. Okay well we actually ended our day with a raw cacao cherry cupcake with coconut butter frosting…YUMMY!!! Chocolate just makes everything better.

Raw Cacao Cherry Cupcakes

Raw Cacao Cherry Cupcakes

So yummy!!

So yummy!!

We will leave you with this…

Till next time

The Twins

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