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by Lori and Michelle on September 22, 2009

Hello everyone,

It is Lori here. I hope you all had a great weekend and Monday! Well, mine was full of business work mixed in with some leisure time with the BF. It was nice to sit down and really talk to Gary (he was out of town the past two weekends) because we have some really tough decisions to make here in the next month or so. I know things will work themselves out. I just need to have faith that it will be all okay.

I was catching up on some emails and my blogging friends that I remembered I had booked marked this article because I thought it was an interesting article and wanted to share my thoughts on it. The article is about snacking geared to kids. Now, I do not have any kids though whenever I do have them I want to make sure that they receive the best proper nutrition available. I also liked how the author discussed how other so called “snacky” foods are supposed to be good for you when there are not.


I agree with that potato chips and other snacks food options are not the best for our children. Due to many reasons but the first one is that they are highly processed and toxic to the body! I believe that healthy food choices start when we are young. And that it is up to the parents to make sure that they are educating their children on proper food choices. Like having discussions on what are fruits and vegetables and why they are good for us to eat! (I have seen it so many times at the local farmers market that kids can’t pick out vegetables – some of them have really never seen one- I think this is so sad and hopefully with this new era we all can take a part and make this change) Stop having the question: where is the closest and fastest fast food chain restaurant. I hate even calling fast food chains “restaurants”! Because to me the are not restaurants but a place where poor quality food is made with no love just grease! I am very passionate about helping bringing change to the rising problem of kid obesity! I think it is something that can be controlled and can be changed! That is a whole other subject matter that I will not get into today.

I don’t think snacks are a bad thing to have in ones lifestyle just as long as they are full of nutrients that the body needs and can use. Snacks are great for those days or moments when you need a little pick me up. I eat snacks though I am careful on what is my snack.

Forbes also did an article about healthy snacks for kids you can check it our here. This article has some great key points as well. It is great to see how some places are starting to educate children on proper food nutrition. :)   I still believe the key to proper food choices starts when we are young! Letting the kids help out in the kitchen is important as well!! I started baking and cooking when I was young and it has stuck with me and now I have a career out of it! :)

What age do you feel is time to start educating kids on food and nutrition?

Some typical snacks that I eat:

  • apples or any fruit for that matter
  • macaroons
  • my raw green onion breads or my raw “chips”
  • kale chips
  • simple shake
  • or having a date filled with coconut butter sprinkled with lemon zest
Some of my raw pumpkin sunflower seed Kale chips - great snack!

Some of my raw pumpkin sunflower seed Kale chips - great snack!

Here are some other ideas for healthy snacks: (now these could be raw if you would like but don’t have to be)

  • hummus with veggies or sprouted grain bread like Ezekiel
  • oatmeal raisin cookies ( I would prefer a raw one or a gluten free vegan low-glycemic one)
  • celery filled with almond butter (optional top with raisins)
  • homemade granola or granola bars
  • banana dipped in yogurt rolled in a variety of nuts or seeds than freeze
  • fruit kabobs

These are just some ideas there are plenty more! These are also easy enough that the kids can help make them. I know most of you probably already know what snacks work best for your kids. I would love to hear some of them so others can see what else is out there and what works!

Snacks should be fun and enjoyable!

Twin Question: What is a healthy snack for you and your family? Do your kids help make their own snacks?

Till next time,


Pure2raw twin

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RunToTheFinish September 22, 2009 at 12:23 pm

i think if it’s more a way of life then it’s less about them feeling like they are being educated and just how they assume they should eat! Plus your taste buds totally adapt to what you feed them… now I am a total snacker, I prefer it to meals, but I also try to be healthy with my choices

Pure2 September 22, 2009 at 6:17 pm

I agree with your taste buds changing and adapting!! Mine sure have – I am always amazed on what I eat now because majority of the food I would have never thought I would ever eat!!!

Amy June 15, 2011 at 4:16 pm

I am always looking for good healthy snacks for my kids. They love their sweets and I am looking to move them towards healthy options, but I need to be better too. My older son is 3 and my twins are 2 and they are very small children, barely on the growth scale for weight, so any healthy non dairy high caloric snacks options would be great!

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