Great Sunday

by Lori and Michelle on September 28, 2009

Hello everyone,

It is L here. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I got to relax a little bit on Sunday night. But back to work bright and early this morning. I’ve got a few big orders to get done before I head out of town for a few days to go visit Michelle in Oklahoma to attend the Live and Learn event there at 105 degrees.

September flew by me which is a good thing I think. :/ I was so nervous of being here alone doing all the business orders, etc. by myself for a whole month. My mom was even going to fly here to help me if I needed it. Though, thankfully I was able to get everything done! Big pat on the back for me! It is so nice to just sit down and reflect on everything that I have accomplished this month. It really makes me so proud and happy. :)

What did you accomplish this month that makes you proud?

My Sunday workout as I mentioned here –  I was not sure what I was planning to do at the gym. I ended up do a mix of things. Some walking uphill and running. I really wanted to just enjoy my music and my workout. I really was not trying to push myself yesterday but just enjoy it.


  • 10 minutes walking at 3.6 mph incline 3% – increased incline every 2 minutes
  • 30 minutes of 6:2 run/walk work.
  • 20 minutes walking uphill at 3.9 mph incline 4% – increased incline about every 4-5 minutes.
  • 2 minute cool down.

My workout out was nice and steady. I felt my heart-rate just where I wanted it at the fat-burning zone. If you all remember Michelle and I discussed the benefits of walking here. My uphill work yesterday really burned out the butt and hamstrings! :)

Post-workout juice: celery, carrots, pear, cucumber, asparagus, and ginger

sept pure2 blog pics 1323

My late lunch was a simple hemp protein smoothie:

coconut water, hemp protein, maca, vanilla bean, yacon syurp, sun is shining and bee pollen

coconut water, hemp protein, maca, vanilla bean, yacon syurp, sun is shining, chia powder and bee pollen

Than I headed to the store to get a few things that I needed for the week while sipping on this

sept pure2 blog pics 1335

Dinner was a huge kale salad topped with red onions, avocado, dulse flakes, nutritional yeast, lime juice and apple cider vinegar – plus some pumpkin sunflower seeds kale chips.

sept pure2 blog pics 1355sept pure2 blog pics 1365

We decided to move our dinner outside on the porch since it was so beautiful outside. So here is my complete meal – wine included.

sept pure2 blog pics 1370

Gary’s dinner – (homemade my me)gluten free vegan pizza plus beer

sorry for the messy plate - he is new at this

sorry for the messy plate - he is new at this

It was a great evening with great food and great company. Well until a bug bit me not only once but twice. :( I hate that when it happens. I saved some room for dessert which was some cinnamon macaroons and lemon cookies that I made last week. Sorry forgot to take a picture, it was late when I ate them.

Twin Question: How do you like to end your Sundays? Do you have a ritual or do anything special?

I typically try to have a nice meal and typically a glass of wine to end my long week. Than also check my calender for the week ahead to see what I have to get done or look forward to. :)

Till next time,


The Raw Twins


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VeggieGirl September 28, 2009 at 8:00 am

Awesome Sunday!! I just end mine with some guilty pleasure television and magazine reading :)

Katie September 28, 2009 at 8:50 am

KOMBUCHA! My fav, I wish I could make my own, does it smell up the kitchen when you make it? I tried water kefir and my kitchen STUNK.

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