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by Lori and Michelle on October 18, 2009

Hey everyone,

Well, Michelle and I were planning on doing a nice post yesterday about all the new things we are trying in our kitchen. Techniques and recipes that she learned while at school like making our own raw yogurt, kombucha tea, and raw sauerkraut. But as you can see we never got around to doing it…. you wanna know why? Well we slept for 14 hours. Yep you heard me right,  14 HOURS! We are still coming to terms with it!  :)  I guess we were extremely tired.

We did have a busy week with very unusual sleeping patterns and we did not getting much sleep anyways for that matter.  After a great day at our farmers market besides it being very cold ( I had 3 layers of clothing on). Standing outside for 7 hours you really need layers. After the market we had a gluten free event out our local Whole Foods which we were one of the vendors there sharing samples of our products. The event had a great turnout :) I guess getting no sleep all week made up for this!

When we got home we finally got to eat some FOOD! We enjoyed some swiss chard and avocado slices on top  of our  green onion flatbreads and a few brownie bites. We enjoyed every bite! Than did some cleaning and paperwork before attempting to go to the gym. We were going to go sit in the sauna but after we got in the car and realized we have drank about only 2 cups of water today that it is probably not the best idea to go sweat in a sauna after being completely dehydrated. So we got out of the car did a little bit more work. Than decided we were tired and were going to lay down for a little bit. The plan was to take an hour cat-nap, then get up and do our post on fermentation…… 14 Hours later here we are doing the post! haha opps

To help get us moving this morning Michelle made us some warm water but instead of lemon in it she put some “warming” spices in like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, fenugreek.

oct pure2raw pics 021

Than we made a yogurt parfait with our homemade yogurt from yesterday! We also realized as we were making our breakfast that we only ate one meal yesterday… wow. That doesn’t happen very often because we love to eat! :)

Breakfast is served

oct pure2raw pics 030

Layers of our raw “no nut” granola with apples (from a local farmer) and our homemade raw yogurt.

oct pure2raw pics 026

We added a little of stevia … it needed just a pinch more sweetness 😉  Overall tasing: not bad! Yogurt may need a little bit more tweaking. We tried to make our raw yogurt with no nuts. (We are trying to watch how many nuts we have – we notice that when we have alot of nuts it caused constipation for us and breakouts)

Here is what we did for our first homemade no nut yogurt

Ingredients: coconut meat, lucuma, maca, water, yacon and probiotic powder (we actually just used our probiotic capsules and opened them up and put the powder from pills into our blender)

Blended it all together in a vita-mix till smooth. And pour yogurt into a large bowl.

oct pure2raw pics 036

Than cover with towl. Set in warm place. And let it sit overnight.

oct pure2raw pics 037

And that is it. The next morning just give it a good stir and place in container to be put into your refrigerator.

The recipe Michelle learned in school was cashew and coconut meat based, but we wanted to make ours nut free.  Michelle says ours was alright, although needs some work. We enjoyed the flavors but not sure if others would, so we will re-make it and then hopefully it will turn out so we can share the recipe.

Well we will share the rest of the fun and exciting things we did in the kitchen later today. Promise we won’t fall asleep! :)

Twins Game plan for the remaining Sunday:

– workout (run/yoga)

– cleaning and laundry

– Twin Cakes paperwork (it never ends)

– post about making kombucha tea and raw sauerkraut plus new item we have received in the MAIL!

– go over calendar for week ahead

We also got these beautiful GREENS from a local farmer yesterday. Can’t wait to make some delicious food with all of it!

oct pure2raw pics 075

We hope that all of you are having a great Sunday.

Till next time,

Lori and Michelle

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Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) October 18, 2009 at 7:54 am

Just saw the tweet…
No nut yogurt and granola…I love it. I do enjoy cashews in things but I think sometimes they get overdone in raw vegan foods. I love how you’re trying to make things without them.
Listen to your body, enjoy the 14 hrs of sleep :)

shannonmarie October 18, 2009 at 9:46 am

Yummy. I want a parfait … and some of that sleep, too :-)

Katie October 18, 2009 at 10:55 am

What kind of proibotics do you recommend?

Stephanie October 18, 2009 at 4:43 pm

this yogurt is so interesting, i love! can you tell me more about what maca is? i keep seeing it around and need a quick “maca for dummies” lesson :) glad you gals got some great rest, you would get along very well with my boyfriend who could prob sleep 14 hours every night if he had it his way 😉

Sheri (Green and Crunchy) October 18, 2009 at 7:04 pm

Those parfaits are fancy! Thanks for the info on homemade raw vegan yogurt — I’d love to give it a shot sometime. My kids would love it…especially if I made a fancy parfait with it :)

14 hours of sleep is a pretty impressive catnap! Hope you’re feeling great :)

Yardsnacker October 19, 2009 at 4:09 am

Inspirational and yummy…I’d like a helping of sleep too. 😉

Pure2 October 19, 2009 at 3:33 pm

Hey Katie Check out training for marathon post, we discuss probiotics.

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