update on face -acne issues and diet

by Lori and Michelle on February 9, 2012

hello friends,

today is an update on our skin issues with acne . how Michelle and I have been dealing with it all and the diet changes we have made to help with our skin issues. again this is a tough post for me (Lori) to do but I what to show everyone that I am not perfect and my journey to clear skin is going to be a long one but I will get there.

we did want to quickly touch on some other areas that could cause acne that we have noticed from personal experience. hopefully one of these ideas might shed some light on those suffering from skin – acne issues as well.

below are some other things we looked into as we are healing our skin. as we have mentioned before there are many causes of acne and everyone will get different results from this and that. we just want to share what we have found and learned from our personal experience.

other areas we have been focusing on that we have learned can help with acne and hormones:

    • digestion – been taking digestive enzyme supplement before each meal. when we remember take apple cider vinegar water before eating to help with digestion as well.
    • other supplements- zinc to help with acne and most recently Ashwagandha and Dong Quai for hormones and stress (just started doing this). also taking Aloe Vera juice about 2oz a day when we remember.
    • liver – drinking lemon water to cleanse the liver each morning and taking liver supplements to help support the liver. brand we are taking is the Pure Encapsulations Liver G.I. detox and Nature’s Way Artichoke pills.
    • water – try our best to always get around 8 cups of water a day, sometimes it is a little less and sometimes it is a little more. we also put MSM powder into our water.
    • stress – take Holy Basil supplement to help, and try to do yoga a few times a week and learn to take more deep breaths when feeling stressed. this is the area where I still struggle with.
    • sleep – try to get good nights of sleep, try to go to bed at a decent time and put a clean towel on pillows (most nights).
    • Omegas – still taking Udo Oil once a day, hemp oil once a day, and now Fish Oil once a day to help with Omega 3 intake (this amount does vary, but I aim for this)

here are some pictures of my troubled skin from a few weeks ago – there is slight improvements from my first time posting picturesstill more to go.

acne skinmy face about 3 weeks ago

close up of acneabout a week ago

my acne skin progressalmost there but still getting a few pimples

changes in our diet:

  • went grain free and sugar free (no fruit just stevia for sweetness)
  • drinking lemon warm water first thing in the morning to help liver
  • drink fresh veggies juice most mornings and make pulp crackers for the fiber
  • drink about 7-8 cups of water a day
  • drink a green smoothie that is avocado based each day
  • have eggs, veggies, lettuce and sweet potatoes or butternut squash after workouts
  • have Vega protein powder  or hemp protein once
  • healthy fats and Omega sources we are eating are avocado, hemp seeds, tahini, Udo Oil, Fish Oil, and chia seeds
  • having fish a few times a week
  • enjoy raw cacao occasionally (in a form of a new recipe that we plan to share next week)
  • eating lots of dark leafy greens in smoothies and salads
  • and only having raw or steamed veggies
  • having no heated oils
  • having no legumes or any grains of any sorts
  • no sunflower or pumpkin seeds (or very little)
  • very little to no nuts (mainly only having hazelnuts from time to time)
  • one cup coffee once a day
  • enjoy fermented foods all day long from sauerkraut, fermented veggies, kombucha, and goat yogurt from time to time
  • little to no wine

so to sum it up quickly we are mostly eating dark leafy greens and veggies and healthy fats

no we are not 100% perfect at this as we still try to enjoy life. but I (Lori) feel my body is still trying to tell me something. maybe it is still all stress and hormone related but then again maybe it is more then that.

that is what I hope to discover here soon.

we have also put together a video of us giving our update on our skin (sorry I get a little emotional but I try to hold it together as this is still very difficult for me to talk about without getting too emotional)

now again remember Michelle and I made these changes to help with our acne and skin issues. we will share more on why we also made some of these diet changes next week that is geared more towards our physical appearance of our bodies. today we just wanted to share what we have been doing and an update on the progress of our acne. ** again please consult your own doctor before making any major change with your diet.

as you can tell I still have a long journey ahead of me. like I mentioned in the video I got some blood work done and hope to have those results next week. I will give more details on that when I get the results. healing my skin is still very hard for me but I am hanging in there. I appreciate everyone’s support. thank you!

till next time,



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Paige November 9, 2013 at 10:51 pm

This is what is working for me…the paleo diet minus the fruit…you probably have a candida problem and the paleo diet minus fruit will fix that problem and balance your blood sugar levels…don’t drink coffee and don’t have sweet potatoes..any kind of sugar even from sweet potatoes and carrots can feed candida and contribute to inflammation and acne…just eat meats, eggs, non starchy vegetables and good fats from nuts, seeds, avacados and your skin will get better…trust me I tried being raw and it made my skin worse…u need to eat meat…also what are u using on your face..stop using everything and just wash your face with warm water..if you have foundation on use apricot seed oil to remove it and wash your face with warm water…this is what has cleared my skin…I tried for years numerous things…and this is the only thing that worked…I hope and I think it will work for u too..other people have got rid of their acne by doing the paleo diet as well, good luck :)


Abbey July 11, 2014 at 7:00 am

Hiya! I know how hard it is to suffer with acne. A lot of people say, oh its just your skin or, itll go away with time etc, but it is actually a lot harder than people make it out to be. I was wondering if you guys ate meat? I heard that people who have given up meat, who have had acne, have had really good results! Apparently its due to your body being over acidic from meat consumption. Have you ever looked into ph levels and how it affects skin?
I’ve had to rely on the contraceptive pill to keep my acne at bay but I have now been off it for a week, plus I have I gone meat free, and I can honestly say I haven’t had one new pimple! (I use to get at least 3 new ones everyday). You could always give it a shot, if you do eat meat. You have nothing to lose! Plus your skin is looking great!


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