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by Lori and Michelle on February 28, 2012

Happy Tuesday everyone!

we managed to get right back into our morning workout today and it felt great.

love the feeling of doing something wonderful for our bodies.  and just as much as we love to work up a good sweat, we love nourishing our bodies with wholesome food.

a few weeks ago the wonderful people at Mountain Rose Herbs contacted us to see if we wanted to do a review of a product from their Epicurean line. their products are organic, high quality, and full of flavor. Mountain Rose Herbs works with the farmers for fair prices, they donate 2% of the proceeds from this line to the Organic Consumers Association, and use recycled glass bottles. can’t get much better than that, right?

one reason we just love mountain rose herbs is because they have high quality products at reasonable prices. plus they offer anyone bulk pricing discounts!!!!

we already love their products, we use a variety of their sea salts just about everyday to sprinkle on our dishes. and we use a lot of their spices and herbs over at Twin Cakes Bakery.

after some thought we decided on the pumpkin seed oil. we all know how wonderful pumpkin seeds are for your health (rich with omega fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals), so trying it as an oil we were intrigued!

organic pumpkin seed oilwe have been enjoying this pumpkin seed oil for a few weeks now and must say we do enjoy it!!

when we first tried the oil, it was different. good different. it was weird having the taste of pumpkin seeds in an oil form, not crunchy like the seeds. it adds wonderful flavor and depth to our salads! we would not recommend cooking with this oil, like olive oil, enjoy it over salads, sweet potatoes, or any prepared dish. using unique oils, like this pumpkin seed oil, is a great way to get variety of oils into your diet!! we love our healthy fats

and one lucky Pure2raw reader gets a chance to win a bottle of this wonderful organic pumpkin seed oil!


yep, the nice people over at Mountain Rose Herbs mentioned we could offer a bottle to our readers :)

rules for entering this giveaway. none.

all we asks that you leave on comment here letting us know what is your favorite Organic Culinary Oil?

and for an extra entry tweet – I want to win a bottle of @MtnRoseHerbs oil from @pure2raw

and for our facebook friends – comment on our facebook page

and another thing we have been loving is

we will announce winner of our pumpkin seed oil giveaway on Friday

manuka honeythrough all our research of finding natural products to help heal our acne, a lot of people mentioned Manuka Honey.  we, well mostly Lori, have been using this honey for about 2 weeks now. and do feel it is helping with the inflammation! we use a little as a spot treatment, and most recently Lori has been using a thin layer at night. just be warned it is sticky. we lay a towel on pillow overnight and rinse in morning. really helps our skin feel moisturized.

well these are two new things we have been enjoying. off to have our coffee followed by a protein shake.

have a wonderful day!

till next time,

L & M

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Maxene Graze March 1, 2012 at 3:34 pm

I think my favorite is coconut oil! Mmmm just gotta love coconut.


EMC March 2, 2012 at 3:36 pm

My favorite is, I think, toasted sesame oil. Not raw, no, but it sure adds a ton of flavor in a teensy amount. And the aroma…. mmmmmmm!


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