Purely Fit Life Online Fitness and Wellness Club

January 3, 2014

Hey Purely Fitters and friends, We have a BIG announcement!! We have been working hard on some changes to our Purely Fit Life Program. We hope you like the new changes! We are super excited to final share the details with you. Thank you for all the kind words these past few days and being […]

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Purely Fit Life

June 23, 2013

Check out our new youtube channel where we share a new workout every Monday. And every Thursday share a Q and A session. A place of learning, growing and becoming purely fit in all parts of life. Make sure you subscribe so you never miss a video!

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arms are feeling it

June 22, 2012

Happy FRIDAY! Our arms are feeling it today from our ZWOW (zuzana’s workout of the week) workout this morning. We did Zuzana’s most recent weekly workout #23. It was tough. Did 100 burpees! We are feeling great though. We always feel so accomplished when we do a tough workout like this one. When doing high […]

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simple sunday

June 10, 2012

Made me some simple pancakes this morning…what should I top them with? chocolate? fruit? syrup? oh the decisions. What did you have for breakfast? Love having my day start with pancakes! The past few Sundays I have been spoiled with going out for brunch with my friend Teri. So instead of blending up a smoothie, […]

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fitness bucket list

June 8, 2012

Happy Friday Friends! Is anyone doing anything fun today or this weekend? We have big plans! Well, more Lori has big plans as she is finally REALLY moving into her new home with Gary. Today we are sharing something that has been getting us inspired lately… pinterest. We have been busy adding more boards to […]

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how to get a sore body

June 3, 2012

do a totally new workout routine remember I how mentioned I was looking for a new routine to try out? well I found it through my facebook feed I owe my sore calves to this bikini blaster workout   I did this workout on Wednesday, and seriously it was hard for me to walk the […]

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quick workouts plus healthy snacks

May 30, 2012

Can you believe it is almost June?? Crazy how time flies. As Lori and I mentioned before about our workouts not being “regular“. Well for me lately, I am still trying to get a quick workout in when I can these days! I do believe every little bit helps, even if it is only holding […]

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May 24, 2012

We made it to Thursday! Almost Friday, then the weekend can begin…are you as excited as me? There are a few reasons for my excitement, okay really just one – HONEYMOON!! Yep it is time for Gary and I to go away, relax, and enjoy the beach! But before I can put my toes into […]

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rest days

May 21, 2012

It is Monday!! are you excited? The past 3 days were amazing!! Seriously we are very blessed to have such amazing parents. They helped a lot while up here over at the kitchen, as well helped do some painting over at Lori and Gary’s new house. Anyone else love having family come visit to have […]

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mountain climbers on equalizer

May 12, 2012

Glad that everyone enjoyed our mint chocolate chip protein muffin recipe. Some people did ask if it could be kept raw, of course! You do not have to bake it. The reason we baked the muffin was because it makes it a portable snack that we can eat in the car, since we have to […]

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