perfect fit protein

June 13, 2012

Happy Wednesday friends! Thank you for all the sweet words of support and encouragement on our small business challenges post. We are so honored to have such amazing readers and friends! Thank you!! Today we are sharing a review of the Perfect Fit Protein Powder created by the Tone It Up girls. Ever since we […]

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gluten free made easy

May 14, 2012

Hello friends! Today we have a review of a cookbook that we wish we had about 4 years ago when we first got into eating gluten free. Sure, we studied some other gluten free cookbooks but nothing like this one. Iris and Brittany did an AMAZING job with this  gluten free baking cookbook. In this […]

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May 5, 2012

as bloggers we get a lot of request from companies and people about reviewing this. talk about this. do this, etc. we love trying new things. we love discovering new things. and we love sharing about new things. but with a lot of things in life. some things get lost. some things get set aside […]

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using the equalizer

March 26, 2012

Happy Monday! we have been doing very well with our workouts. our motivation is high as we are heading to the beach this coming weekend for a little girl time with some of our girl friends. we must say we are super excited! so we have been pushing ourselves a little harder in our workouts […]

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practically raw

March 25, 2012

hello friends! yesterday we had a wonderful day. we managed to get many things checked off our list to-do, both personally and business related. though our to-do list continues to grow with new projects. we finally got around to going to our local farmers market here and forgot how much we love going. we had […]

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getting a nice physique

March 21, 2012

hello luvs! for those of you who mentioned that you still have not tried chia seed pudding yet, you must. promise you will love it! they are such an easy go-to healthy snack. moving on to today. we are sharing a fun topic …well to us a fun topic. as you know we love to […]

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March 6, 2012

awhile back the lovely Devon from Bamboo Bottle Co contacting us about doing a review of their bamboo bottles. we quickly said yes! why? bamboo. love. water bottles. love. haha that sounds funny BPA-free plastic. love. dishwasher safe (most parts). a must for Michelle as she throws everything into it. supporting something that helps the […]

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new things we are loving

February 28, 2012

Happy Tuesday everyone! we managed to get right back into our morning workout today and it felt great. love the feeling of doing something wonderful for our bodies.  and just as much as we love to work up a good sweat, we love nourishing our bodies with wholesome food. a few weeks ago the wonderful […]

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hello oscar

February 27, 2012

hello friends, we are now back from our travels and we are slowly getting caught up on everything. it feels good to be back and get back to the normal routine around here. though our routine does seem to be different a lot. guess that is life, right? always changing. we have some recipes and […]

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chocolate heaven

January 10, 2012

hello again friends! last week we had a lovely package arrive at our doorstep. the amazing and ever so talented and dear friend Heather sent us some of her delicious raw chocolate goodies to try. and boy were we excited to devour them all. Heather is a small business owner, just like us, and we […]

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