honeymoon highlights

June 4, 2012

Hello luvs! I am back! Gary and I had a wonderful honeymoon down in sunny Florida. Moving a little slow this morning. Thank goodness for a little coffee to fix that. Gary and I ate very well while we were vacationing on our honeymoon. I sure missed my Vita-Mix! My green smoothies were a little […]

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made it

May 26, 2012

to the honeymoon! Gary and I are finally enjoying our honeymoon. About one month later we got the chance for a mini break. This will be our view every morning! Gotta love the beach. They have shuffle board! Let the fun times begin. The pool will be seeing me soon. Thanks everyone who shared their […]

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we are back

May 1, 2012

hello friends! thank you so much for the sweet words and congrats to Gary and me about our marriage this past weekend! it means the world to me to have such great friends that care and wish us all the best! I have so many pictures and more how-to’s post of how I did my […]

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back from the beach

April 2, 2012

hello there luvs!!! we are back! from the girls “bachelorette” weekend at the beach . we were in Treasure Island off St. Pete beach Florida for the weekend. we had a blast! we did not want our weekend with our best friends to end. we had an amazing time! love reminiscing memories with these ladies. […]

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moving to La Jolla

February 15, 2012

haha I wish! so glad to see everyone else loving San Diego as much as Gary and I did. plus all our chocolate treats recipes. to round-up my trip out west I have a few more photos of my journey.  Gary and I decided to drive around the San Diego area and get to know […]

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San Diego Love

February 14, 2012

 Happy Valentine’s Day!!! we love you all!!! we hope that everyone has a wonderful day filled with love and happiness! as many you of might have seen through instagram or twitter that I traveled with Gary last week to San Diego. Gary was there for work for most of the week and I arrived on […]

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more holiday cheer

December 27, 2011

hello friends! well you saw Michelle’s brief Christmas holiday highlights now my turn to share my weekend highlights. as you may have already noticed we spent Christmas separately this year. I went with Gary to see his family in Raleigh, NC. it was fun to head back to where I used to live before moving […]

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Merry Christmas

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from Gary and Lori from NC. Merry Christmas from Michelle from FL. Wishing you all a merry, joyful, peaceful, blessful, and happy Christmas!! xoxo L & M  

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airplanes and football

October 25, 2011

  hello friends, it feels good to be back home and really getting back into our routine around here. after opening up google reader and seeing that we have over 600 post to catch up on… was a little overwhelming we must admit. but bit by bit we are catching up with all our favorites. […]

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October 24, 2011

  hello friends, we hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. we must say we had a GREAT weekend. it all started with creating a big surprise a few months ago with the older sisters and mom. we wanted to surprise our dad and this past weekend it happened. and it went perfectly!!!! have you ever […]

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